The Project

Why do we love to fly? Why did we invent the airplane? Not because it was easy. Not because it was a smooth user experience like some random app. Not because we needed fast mobility.

But because of the feeling of free flight. Flying like a bird fascinates us, because it grabs the body and catapults it violently upwards. Because you can feel the wind in your face and the force under your wings. Because it raises mind and body in an instant, and batters you with nose dive and bank in the next. Nothing here is maybe, or restrained or virtual. There is just you and the storm. That's something you can smell and feel and taste. And when you return to earth, you're not the same because you have been there. You have seen it. Fluglicht.

Or that's how it could be. The Fluglicht project is dedicated to this idea. We work for a future more interesting than all those dull tuesday mornings. And we want this future to start now. This is how.

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Exoskeleton With Wings

The Concept

The current concept uses an exoskeleton for the arms and ankles. It can detect the motions of the respective joints. These motions are mirrored onto a pair of flapping wings and rudders fastend to the backpack looking similar to those of birds. The wings use battery and electric motors for power. All reactive forces are mirrored onto the exoskeleton. Thus, the pilot can feel the aerodynamic forces acting on the wings. You will be able to fly with it. But not just that. The ultimate goal is to make flying feel as genuine as possible.
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At this spot, you can find some more information on the project.

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Contact Info:

Lots of things are work in progress, but you should always be able to contact us via email.

  • Email: mail at fluglicht dot com